About Mile 1 Athletics

We started the Cycling Collection by Mile 1 Athletics because we had trouble finding road cycling themed active and casual wear that displayed our love for road cycling whether we were on or off our bikes. The more we searched the more it became evident road cycling enthusiasts were pretty much limited to their cycling jerseys and kits – and we all know what that looks like while standing in line at the grocery store. What we thought was the obvious was just the opposite. Cycling themed apparel pretty much targeted the urban cyclist, mountain biker, or weekend tourist.

Bottom line, there wasn’t much out there. So, we decided the only way to remedy our “problem” was to create a line of fully functional, attractive clothing to market exclusively to the road bike enthusiasts wanting to share their love for cycling whether riding, working out, or simply just relaxing. We know you’ll enjoy our limited production clothing and cycling accessories as a new addition to your everyday wardrobe.

——Mile 1 Athletics—-